Standard Rates

1 child = $9/hr

2 children = $14/hr

3 children = $16/hr

4 children = $18/hr

Rates are estimated in 15 minute intervals, payment is due at check-out each visit. We accept Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discovery, American Express, Apple Pay, & PayPal. There is a $25 fee on all returned checks. A returned check will result in a “cash up front only” account.

play date for your kidz,
free time for you


Purchasing packages helps to save you money on childcare on a per hour basis. The hours on a package never expire. 

The below discounted packages are available year-round.

ONE CHILD: (Regular rate $9/hr)

10 hrs = $85 ($8.50/hr) Save $5
15 hrs = $120 ($8.00/hr) Save $15
20 hrs = $150 ($7.50/hr) Save $30

TWO CHILDREN: (Regular rate $14/hr)
10 hrs = $135 ($13.50/hr) Save $5

15 hrs = $195 ($13.00/hr) Save $15  

20 hrs = $250 ($12.50/hr) Save $30

Let us know if you would like the package rates for 3 or more children.

Purchase a package now! Enter the package amount you would like to purchase by clicking on the below link. You will get a confirmation email and we will keep track of your package and all hour calculations during each visit.


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