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holiday packages

Purchasing packages helps to save you money on childcare on a per hour basis. We are currently offering a special October package from Oct. 12-15; however, you may pre-purchase these packages nowThe hours on a package never expire. You can purchase two packages max.

ONE CHILD: (Reg rate $9/hr)

10 hrs = $70 ($7/hr) Save $20
20 hrs = $140 ($7/hr) Save $40

TWO CHILDREN: (Reg rate $14/hr)
10 hrs = $120 ($12/hr) Save $20

20 hrs = $240 ($12/hr) Save $40

Let us know if you would like the package rates for 3 or more children.

Purchase a package now! Enter the amount you wish to purchase by clicking the link below. You will get a confirmation email and we will keep track of your package and all hour calculations during each visit.


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